A true Affordable Care Act success story

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Empire State Health Partners assist fellow physicians to comply with the sometimes arduous and confusing requirements that Medicare places on providers.

We recognize the importance of also maintaining our practices’ independence and remaining financially sound, and we keep this as a core tenet of our operations.

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ACOs by the Numbers

of ACOs earned savings in 2022
of ACOs achieved savings in 2022
of Medicare patients will be in ACOs by 2030

In 2022, there were 456 ACOs.
Is an ACO right for you?

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We have worked with a network of small, independent, physician-run practices that have been successful in achieving Medicare Shared Savings.

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The goal is to maintain practice independence.

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We provide support and education for ACO practices.

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We work with small, independent, physician-run groups that we can help succeed.

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Our CEO is accomplished in various areas related to healthcare, with qualifications in primary care, public health, health informatics, and health policy, as well as experience in lecturing on quality and physician-driven accountable care organizations (ACOs).

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Our services include a data analytics dashboard, access to claims data analysis, quality and cost reporting, a CAHPS survey, practice support and training, assistance with Patient-Centered Medical Home Recognition, help achieving quality scores in the 80th to 90th percentile, and help promoting annual wellness visits.

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